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  • A Separator Repair Christmas Story Miracle

    August 18, 2016 | Blog | admin1
  • Just In Time Dairy Separator Repair Part

    We always like to say we have a heart for customer service and love going above and beyond for our separator repair clients. Truly, we feel their pain, when they call and are in urgent need of parts or repair. We know how difficult unplanned downtime can be.

    This past Christmas morning we got the chance to put our words into action in the most special way. That morning we got an urgent call from a yogurt manufacturer in New York. The manufacturer had a key Westfalia separator frame down and their line was at a standstill, negatively impacting production and their ability to ship product on time.

    Luckily, we had the very parts parts they needed to get the separator bowl back up and running, but due to all the major Next Day carriers being closed for Christmas Day, we were not going to be able to get it to them until days later.

    The manufacturer was in a panic. Being shut down for days just was not an option. We explored private delivery services, but due to the holiday, nothing was available.

    My wife and I had already celebrated our Christmas holiday with our children a few weekends prior and had no big plans for Christmas Day. It was a no-brainer for us to decide to just drive the separator parts to the manufacturer ourselves. It’s just how we roll.

    So our Christmas 2015 was spent on an impromptu holiday drive from Indiana to New York to deliver a much needed parts and come to the rescue of our client. It was a holiday gift we enjoyed being able to pull off for them. A Christmas miracle of sorts straight from our hearts to their down separator.

    We didn’t hear any bells ring that day, and we didn’t get our “angel wings”, but it sure felt good to help a customer out in their time of need, and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. It’s a Christmas memory we’ll never forget.