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  • Separator Restorations Entrepreneurial Fireside Story

    August 18, 2016 | Blog | admin1
  • Quality Separator Repair and Balancing

    For owner Mark Meyers, the journey to a successful Midwest entrepreneur specialized in separator repair and balancing started with a little boy’s curiosity of seeing how things worked from the inside out.

    That young boy who loved to take things apart grew into a teenager, who loved working on cars and engines. Much to his mother’s dismay, he even dismantled and rebuilt car engines on her dining room floor, almost like a kid with the newest big box Lego set.

    Next came his Mark’s GM Certification to work on cars and then a summer internship in a machine shop. He was definitely a kid on the move with big dreams, who didn’t mind rolling his sleeves up and working hard.

    Thirty-eight years ago, he made his move into the dairy separator arena, working his way up from shop foreman to estimator to technical advisor, Mark honed his skills and fell in love with his craft. He found great satisfaction in the work and overcoming challenges as they arose.

    As a skilled-trade profession, it takes years of knowledge and skill to be able to troubleshoot, rebuild and repair separators. To the amazement of his peers, Mark has developed a mental library for smells, sounds and feels and can fix almost any separator. He’s truly a separator guru.

    With years of experience, expertise, proven performance and seasoned judgment, Mark decided to step into the world of entrepreneurialism in 2013 and begin a new journey with the launch of his own company – Separator Restorations, LLC.

    As of 2016, the Separator Restorations team has serviced separator units for clients across the U.S., Canada and the Dominican Republic. Separators can span 40+ years and many of the various bowls have become “old friends” to Mark as he has worked on them over the years of his career. We are extremely proud to be deep-rooted in a business that continues to grow year after year as a valuable service for our clients. We like to think it all comes back to our customer-centric way of doing business. We treat our customers like family. Their successes are our successes.

    We are proud to have the second generation of the Meyers family currently learning the business. Mark’s step son, Ross Pfeifer, joined the family owned and operated business shortly after launch to learn from the best, hone his craft and help carry on the tradition of the best, most skilled and cost effective separator repair and balancing in the U.S.

    From 2013  to now and for years to come, we’re proud to be delivering quality and cost in perfect balance, every job, every time.