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  • Repair/Refurbish

  • With years of experience, expertise, proven performance, and seasoned judgment, the Separator Restorations team is a go-to separator repair resource for maintenance and procurement managers in industries such as dairy, food, beverage, beer, environmental, and industrial.

    You can ship to us for repair or we offer in-plant service and maintenance as well. We pride ourselves on reliable, efficient, and affordable services. Additionally, our Midwest shop is equipped with precision tools and separator components built to factory tolerances to insure proper repair of your separator. Our industry specified precision balance promotes smooth running, long bearing and drive component life span.  Every separator is subjected to a thorough inspection and overhaul.

    Have used dairy equipment, such as an Alfa Laval centrifuge or Delaval cream separator that needs service? We can help. Dairy is a specialty for Separator Restorations!